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What is Financial Planning?

We all plan financially, with our monthly budgets, when paying back credit cards, or when saving for short term goals like holidays. Figuring out how to make your monthly wages last a month can take planning!

Financial planning and financial advice is simply a more comprehensive evaluation of your current and future financial position, usually with longer term goals in mind, like buying a house, getting a mortgage, saving for retirement, or seeking a new life abroad. Financial planning is also essential when life throws challenges at you – a divorce, a family member needing long term care, or the loss of a loved one.

Put simply, financial advice and planning is about helping people make good financial decisions, and stopping people making bad decisions.

Everybody can benefit from financial planning – research shows that people who receive professional financial advice are on average £47,000 better off than people who don’t after a decade. People who take major financial decisions without seeking professional help are more likely to take risks they didn’t want to, to pay more in product charges than they should, or to enter into products and arrangements that aren’t right for them. Financial advice and planning provides reassurance, for instance that you will be able to live out your later years comfortably, or that your family will be protected if the worst happened to you. The benefits of financial advice are substantial.

So, if you have anything playing on your mind, or simply want a financial health check, contact me today for a free consultation. I really enjoy helping people make the most of their money so that they can live happier and more secure lives, and I take great pride in making everything as clear, simple, and straightforward as it can be.

I'm always happy to chat. Look forward to speaking with you.


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