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Long Term Care

Arranging care for yourself or a loved one is an emotional and overwhelming time, and the options and support available can be complicated and difficult to understand. Whether it’s for you or a loved one, arranging the best quality of care in the right setting will be your priority. 


If you are working out how to pay for long-term care, whether you are planning ahead or you face the challenge of an immediate need, seeking specialist independent advice is essential.

Dylan is a qualified Long-Term Care specialist, and can help you to navigate the complexities of available state benefits and support, long-term care insurance products, and available financial solutions.

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Savings & Investments Planning

Whether saving for a goal, or because you can, obtaining professional advice can help your money grow quicker while minimising the risks you take and the tax you pay.

Dylan can make the complicated simple and help you to navigate the world of investment options and choices, helping you to find the best option for you.

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Retirement Planning

Whether you are approaching retirement, already retired, or simply planning for the future, our retirement planning service can:

  • illustrate the income you are likely to have in retirement;

  • illustrate how long this will last you;

  • address any shortfalls;

  • identify the most tax-efficient way for you to save for your later years;

  • identify the most tax-efficient way for you to take income in retirement;

  • provide reassurance and security;

  • help you take control and enjoy life.

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Mortgage Advice

Independent mortgage advice from across the whole of the market. We are not tied to any lenders and can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining a mortgage offer up to completion.

So, let us find the best rates and deals from across the market for you, whatever your circumstances.

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Equity Release Advice

At Lighthouse, we provide independent equity release advice that will give you all of the support and help you need to make the right decision. We are proud members of the Equity Release Council.


While Equity Release can suit many people, allowing you to generate income or a lump sum while remaining in your home throughout your later years, taking equity from your home is a big decision and one that should not be entered into lightly. 


Dylan is a qualified Equity Release adviser and can help you consider the options available to you impartially and clearly.

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Protection & Insurances

Different life stages present new challenges. Whether you’ve begun your career, are paying your mortgage, or you’re establishing an estate, Dylan can review your financial situation and explore options to make sure you and your family are fully protected if the worst should happen.


Dylan provides advice from across the whole of the market to help you find a cost-effective solution for you and your loved ones.

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Lifestyle Planning

Money isn't important. It's what you do with it that counts.

Lifestyle planning identifies your aims, your goals, and your aspirations, and maps out a blueprint for achieving the lifestyle you want - whether that is more time with your family or a new home in the sun.

Professional advice and planning can help you make your dreams reality.


Financial Planning

At different points in your life, whether starting out or in later life, evolving circumstances result in changing financial needs.

By selecting our financial planning service, Dylan will review your circumstances, your needs, your aims, and your hopes for the future, to help you achieve and maintain financial security and wellbeing.

Working with Dylan, you can confront new challenges and develop financial goals. Through these sessions, we will aim to develop and adapt your financial strategies to cope with changes in life circumstances and keep you on track for your goals.


Business Planning & Protection

Whether you are considering insurances to protect your business, establishing a group pension scheme, looking for a return on capital reserves within your business, or planning your exit or succession, seeking professional advice can help you and your business succeed where others fail.

As a business owner too, Dylan can help you achieve ongoing tax efficiency, and develop and nurture the best way to protect your business or release any personal value in the most efficient manner, ensuring that as much of your money remains with you and your family as possible.

So, whether you are looking for Key Person or Shareholder Protection, developing and growing your business, or planing your exit or succession, contact Dylan today for expert help.

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Ongoing advice & servicing

With a firm belief in lifetime financial planning, the services Dylan offers are intended to help you now and into the future. While immediate needs may need addressing urgently, real value comes from taking a long-term, holistic approach to your financial present and future.

That's why Dylan and Lighthouse Financial Advice believe financial planning is about more than simple transactions. Every client is offered the option of ongoing advice and servicing, every step of the way, to ensure you remain headed in the right financial direction.

Do you need help making important decisions? Contact me today for a free initial consultation.

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